Welcome to SansaFit Personal Training

SansaFit is a family business founded in 2010 and run by fitness professionals, Sandra & John Farrell.  It is conveniently located in the conservation village of Fenwick, East Ayrshire, just off the M77 Motorway, 5 minutes north of Kilmarnock & 10 minutes south of Newton Mearns, Glasgow.

You will benefit from the attention of one-to-one personal training in tranquil surroundings, within a well-equipped and private gym.

With an indvidually tailored exercise plan, SansaFit will give you the opportunity to focus on your workouts, without feeling embarrassed or intimidated by other gym users.

SansaFit are qualified and specialise in working with clients who have certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint issues, asthma, diabetes and obesity.

Sandra Farrell, founder of SansaFit states, “I am determined to make a positive and significant difference in the health, fitness and mental attitude of my clients by working together with them to achieve all that they hope for.

I am committed to working with my clients in a friendly and comfortable environment, to help them to realise their hopes and dreams of looking fitter, feeling better about themselves and having more energy to enjoy life to the full.”

Sandra’s husband, John says, “I have experienced some of the aches and pains that getting older brings, but strongly believe that age should not be a barrier to exercise. I am convinced that exercise has an important role to play in health and physical well-being, as it can assist in the treatment of all too common conditions like obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease and osteoporosis .”

Our clients have achieved amazing success with us, as our testimonials illustrate. We look forward to working with you  and helping you to achieve your goals too.

Contact Sandra Farrell on 07778 733 592 or email sandra@sansafit.com

Contact John Farrell on 07780 706837 or email john@sansafit.com

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