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Testimonial – Janet (62)

December 9, 2011 @ 1:13 pm
posted by SansaAdmin

On retiring I decided that I needed to look at my lifestle and contacted Sandra [Farrell ] at Sansafit, Fenwick .Over the last 8 weeks I have followed  a dietry and exercise programme devised by Sandra. This encompassing programme has enabled me to use familiar gym equipment more effectively by correcting poor posture.  An individualised programme  of  free weights, floor  and Swiss ball exercises has been beneficial to my core strength, balance, body tone and fitness levels. This coupled with dietary advice has enabled me to loose 14 lbs, whilst eating a more balanced diet [including carbohydrates which had become a no-no to me!!] It was a wise decision when I contacted Sandra from Sansafit  for assistance.


Weight Loss – 1 stone